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Air Gig


Air Gig is an new mobile app that enables you to find live music and art in the galaxy. Wanna know the bands playing near? Wanna know native events while traveling?! Wanna find artists in your surroundings? Together, we map the best places and events everywhere. We support the local scenes!No need to imagine anymore, Air Gig is the door to that world.
Find the Music• Discover local artists everywhere.• Load new experiences.• Explore new places.
Invite your Friends• Find out where your friends are going.• Be the first to find new places.• Support what you like.
You• Discover sounds, looks and tastes.• Engage the scene.• Support local artists.
Artists• Find audience, play live.• Get together.• Spread the word
We are revolutionizing the way people discover music and experience places. Our mission is to promote the diversity and artistic expression in local communities.We believe that music is so much more than what is promoted by the industry. There are many talented artists lost because of mass production and exploitment and really, how much more of the same do we need?
We are empowering the productive chain, promoting diversity and supporting the local economy everywhere.
We want to promote artistic expression thoughout the galaxy.
Be free, meet the universe.